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‘Imagine an extended, remote team that will carry out research with the same level of confidentiality and rigor of your in-house team’

Wilshire offers customized research in the financial services domain through strategic partnerships. A highly skilled team of experts combined with a seamless support network enable clients to easily plug and play and scale with confidence.

Wilshire’s Research Team possess not just technical skills, but high compliance standards with the ability to adapt to different work models in supporting client research teams. The quality of research and depth of knowledge is on par with a two-year experienced US-based research analyst with close supervision of an experienced leadership team.

All research carried out adhere to strict compliance policies and code of conduct and guarantees confidentiality of client IP.


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Wilshire compiles executive compensation benchmark research for consultants. We analyze SEC filings from US public companies. We work with compensation consultants to maintain custom research methodologies and best practices when interpreting company filings.


Special, customized reports that cover data intelligence and analytics of Environment, Social and Governance of US listed companies. Services include different aspects as stipulated by reputed scoring agencies or customized metric required by clients.


We enable our clients to form a comprehensive view of the global economic context by offering insights into key macroeconomic variables. Our analysis is based on a wide range of global and local trends in geopolitics, trade negotiations, and fiscal and monetary policy, as well as changes in the external sector. The broad range of variables included in our research allows us to create a multifaceted model of the global financial and economic environment, helping our clients make informed, fact-based business decisions.


We perform in-depth analysis of companies from different sectors and industries and provide investment recommendations for our clients. Our reports include comprehensive analysis of financial statements of the target company as well as its peers. Our top-down approach to equity research includes evaluating the impacts of wider macroeconomic trends, as well as financial performance, when making recommendations on investment decisions.

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Executive Vice President

Marsha, executive vice president, heads the executive compensation and ESG research teams. 

Prior to her role at Wilshire, she was the chief operating officer at Spark Actuarial and also a vice president at Amba Research (currently Acuity Knowledge Partners). During her stint at Amba, she supervised an analyst team that supported both buy side and sell side firms, covering US and emerging markets.

Marsha is an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK and holds an MA in Financial Economics from the University of Colombo.


Executive Vice President

Kanchana, executive vice president,  leads the economic analysis and equity research teams of Wilshire. 


Before taking on this position, he was the Group Head of Corporate Finance & Strategy at George Steuart, overseeing the functions of over 12 subsidiaries in varying industries such as financial services, leisure, media, pharmaceutical, and real estate.  Prior to joining George Steuart, he has amassed many years of experience in capital markets, transaction advisory and equity research having held different roles at leading global companies. 


Kanchana earned his B.Sc in Business Administration from Sri Jayawardenapura University and is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.

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114/17, Queens Park Residences,
Off D.M. Colombage Mawatha, Nugegoda.

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